The sport chic

    Hi ! everyone <3

hoping you been healthy, so today I offer my look "SPORT CHIC". as you see I'm wearing a sports blazer bershka associated with a shirt zara I suggest you wear this style if you want to be chic, elegant without forgetting that we can move freely
                                                Blazer : , Bershka , Bershka in/
                                               Shirt : Zara , Zara in          
The " SPORT CHIC " that can be worn in all seasons and can serve us whenever we need it, then you can mix between the sneakers and the most chic jackets and also bright pockets for women, the characteristic look of this are numerous.
This look is really comfortable, chic, professional! So if you apply this look they are several brands sports shoes @Nike  is rather more comfortable and also more elegant .

Thank you so much for reading/commenting, I think it's needless mentioning how much it truly means to me :)
Love you all and see you in my next post!